Forum Rules (UPDATED)

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Forum Rules (UPDATED)

Post  Telinc1 on Mon Apr 16, 2012 4:02 pm

Please follow all of these rules to not get banned, or at least warned.

-Do not bump threads.
Posting in a thread older than a month is called "bumping", and should be avoided. This doesn't apply to stickies.

-Do not spam.
Nobody wants usless threads and/or replies. Please don't do it.

-Do not advertise.
This even applies to the WoI. This forum is for chatting and talking with others. We don't want to hear how great your website is.

-Avoid double-posting.
Double-post only when needed. If you need to update something, or add something, use the Edit button. Making a double-post counts as bumping.

-Nothing illegal.
Warez, malware, ROMs, copyrighted music, anything else that's illegal is bad.

-If you are posting something that can cause abnormal situtations, please warn and make a lot of line breaks.
Example: Posting flashy stuff and not warning can cause seizures to some people.

-Avoid posting Not Suitable For Work (NSFW) content.
If you really need to, make a clear warning. We don't want to get sued because a 5-year-old decided to look at an image.

-Don't spam emoticons.
Something like that: Suspect alien pale cyclops Question lol! afro afro jocolor rendeer farao king albino albino Sleep Basketball is not acceptable.

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