Help! I forgot my password!

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Help! I forgot my password!

Post  Telinc1 on Sat May 19, 2012 7:04 am

You forgot your password?
Well, first of all, do not re-register! (I can't make this bigger, can I?)
To recover your password, do this:
1. Find yourself an admin or a moderator who has specified his/her email address in the profile and send him one email. If the person is me, he will immediately use a generator and send you a new password. If it is someone else, you will wait more, because he/she will probably be unable to do it by himself/herself and he/she will have to send me back the email via PM.
2. After you get the email back, use your username and the password sent to you to login.
3. Go to your profile options and change the password.

Note: If you contact me, you will probably end up having to contact someone else.
Note 2: To avoid us acting safely and not resetting your password, include your username in the message you send and specify your email in your profile RIGHT NOW. Then use that email to contact us.

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